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50% Hazelnuts. 50% Almonds. Nothing Else. 

What is Almond Hazelnut Butter?

It is made from grinding almonds and hazelnuts until it is like a paste-like consistency, similar to smooth peanut butter. 

Why is Almond Hazelnut Butter good for you?
Our pure almond hazelnut butter is a much better alternative to peanut butter or other spreads because it has no added oil, no sugar and no dairy added to it. It is vegan, gluten-free and keto-friendly. 

What are some ways to enjoy the Melvados Almond Hazelnut Butter?
It is very delicious as a spread on toast. Top it with banana or some nuts and seeds for a hearty, healthy breakfast. It also goes great as a drizzle on pancakes, waffles, or to put in granola with yoghurt.

Why are these butters so much more expensive than our other condiments/other sauces?
We use freshly roasted real almonds and hazelnuts that we slow grind to make the butters.  There are no artificial flavourings or preservatives inside either.

How should this item be stored?
Please keep this item in the fridge. Unopened it can last until the expiry date printed on the packaging. Once opened please consume within 2 weeks. Please always use a clean, dry spoon as well to avoid contamination. 

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Almond Hazelnut Butter
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Almond Hazelnut Butter

Almond Hazelnut Butter

S$8.90 Ex Tax: S$8.90