About Us

Gourmet Food Made Simple

We started Melvados in 2004 to meet the rising needs of food-loving Singapore residents who are too busy to whip up a gourmet meal for themselves. Our own passion for food is what led us to create a host of ready to eat meals and delicious desserts perfect for hectic days at work, to feed busy school children in between classes, for dinner parties, potlucks and even BBQs. Fully cooked, all our products simply require heating for instant gratification. We hope that by making gourmet food more accessible and convenient, you can have more time to do what you love without having to worry about a sink full of dirty dishes! Not only that, all the products that you see on our online store boast the same price as our factory outlet. That’s gourmet food at wholesale prices, just for you. 

Bring a slice of restaurant recipes, home 

Melvados' parent company, Foodedge Gourmet Pte Ltd, has professional gourmet experience in serving the B2B food service market for over fifteen years, with clients such as major airlines, 5-star hotels, country clubs, restaurants and even cafe chains. With Melvados' retail format, the same high-quality, great tasting recipes can now be made simple and accessible to be enjoyed by families in the comfort of their homes.

Our premises are fully licensed and accredited by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and is ISO 22000 certified. Foodedge Gourmet Pte Ltd is also Halal certified by Muis. 
You can learn more about Foodedge Gourmet here

Making memories with Melvados 

In a food haven like Singapore, good food is the basis of memories. From romantic dinners to gatherings with friends and family, to snuggling up solo on the couch for a comfy dinner in front of the TV, count on us to be there for you. With over 200 products, here at Melvados we love to create and develop new flavours that boldly feed your senses through flavour, smell and textures. And because we know you've got things to do, we make sure all our products are quick and easy to prepare.

So, feeling fancy? Curate your own 5 course meal with Melvados (and don't forget to top it up with some post-dinner ice cream as well)!